Online Media



Hello, I'm David Paris.

This is my portfolio site (and yes this is the domain name I have owned since 2001 in case you were wondering).

I'm a Creative Technologist, Art Director and Visual Artist currently living in Chicago, Illinois with my partner Jessica Bird.

I studied at both the University of Montana, School of Journalism, and the Illinois Institute of Art where I graduated with a BA in Multimedia.

I have 16 Years experience in online advertising. I have worked at several advertising agencies both full time and freelance. During this time I have managed numerous freelance projects related to visual art and design. My passions are visual with photography and design and I love to tinker and create with code.

My hobbies include: sailing, woodworking, knotwork, boat building, architectural design, exploring, welding, aquaculture, leather working ... to name a few.

I am a new father to my daughter Sylvia.

Click on the link below for my resume.